Full Membership 

Your full Membership allows you to train year round with the Saskatoon Rowing Club. You will have access to our boats, training room and shower facility, however, use of boats is at the Coach's discretion and each rower's ability and experience.

Your membershipc can provide you with social and recreational rowing, or you can choose to opt into a more competitive stream. Both recreational and competitive rowers will row together regularly as it fits into your schedule.

Our winter program has at least one coached session a week, and in summer you will have access to quality coaches at each on water session. A friendly and active social environment ensures that members enjoy not only training and competition but also extra curricular activities like our weekly Saturday coffee date. Your membership also includes membership to the Saskatchewan Rowing Association and Rowing Canada Aviron  which provides us with sport insurance and a larger rowing community. 

Depending on when you join the club, we pro-rate our fees to reflect the value you receive throughout the membership year (April 1 to March 31). Below are the costs to purchase a full membership depending on the month you join. In addition, if you have taken prior programming (Learn to Row) in the current membership year, we will credit $100 of that amount toward your full membership.  

Month Amount

April $725

May $725

June $725

July $600

August $475

September $350

October $240

November $240

December $240

January $140

February $120

March $100    

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