Where Fees Go

What are the full costs of running the Saskatoon Rowing Club?

When a full membership is purchased, $725 is deposited to the SRC's account, but immediately $47 is transferred to the Saskatchewan Rowing Association (www.saskrowing.ca) and $47 is transferred to Rowing Canada Aviron (rowingcanada.org).

Sask Rowing uses the money to help fund Administration, MAP Grants, Coaching, as well as the quadrennial Canada Summer Games Equipment Grants.

Rowing Canada collects fees so that SRC members are provided with sport insurance for club members, as well as general liability insurance for SRC executive, membership, and our equipment.

In an average year, the revenue to fund the SRC's activity comes from:

Source Amount Percentage
Membership Income $631 55%
Fundraising $52 5%
Grants* $219 19%
Equipment Sales $21 2%
Learn to Row Fees $198 17%
Other Income (Donations, Trailer Rental, Etc.) $28 2%
TOTAL $1,149 100%

*The amount of grant funding is highly variable and not guaranteed in any given year.

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