Learn to Row


Our Learn to Row program is designed for people who have never rowed and are looking for a fun sport and social way to keep fit. The Learn to Row courses run out of the boathouse in Victoria Park with sessions running weekday mornings, evening and weekends. In Learn to Row you will be provided with a clear understanding of the skills necessary to effectively and safely maneuver a single scull. You will learn the basic parts of a boat, the calls, safety guidelines and technique. Your continual improvement and progress will be monitored and will help us determine the next best program for you in rowing.

The program includes six 2 hour lessons, including preparations for on-water sessions and an overview of the lesson for that day. 

NOTE: If a particular Learn to Row session is filled, please register for the next available date or email the club to learn about additional upcoming dates.

*****Value: $130. Payment is required for registration. All programs are non-refundable. 

LEARN TO ROW (LTR) All ages 

DATES   Days/Times 
July 24 - Aug 4 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am
Aug 1 - 12 6-7:30am T/TH 10 am Saturday

Aug 8-19

6-7:30am T/TH 10 am Saturday
Aug 21 - Sept 1 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm
Aug 22 - Sept 2 6-7:30am T/TH 10 am Saturday
MORE DATES COMING IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF 4 or more, we can run a private LTR.








All of our LTR sessions are structured and priced the same ($130), consisting of: 

Day 1: You will learn basic body sequence in rowing on the erg, tour the boathouse and learn the use of basic rowing terminology and be able to distinguish various parts of rowing equipment. WATCH the SAFETY VIDEO http://rowingcanada.org/rca-safety-video

Day 2: On the water. You will go out on the water in a real shell in either a trainer single, double or with an experienced club member in the boat to coach you on the water, hold balance, and provide the safest platform for learning. There will be assistance getting you into the shell, and there will also be a coach boat on the water for additional safety and coaching (a coach boat is always on the water whenever rowers are on the water for all club rowing times). At the coaches discretion, crews may do more work on the erg to fine tune sequence. Students should be able to place themselves safely and comfortably in a boat. You will learn the “safety position” and practice maneuvering the boat by using the oars. (ahead, astern, and turning, panic stopping) 


Day 3: On the water. In a real shell in either a trainer single, double or with an experienced club member in the boat coaching as well as a coach boat on the water. You will develop confidence to stop the boat and change its direction, experience basic feelings of balance and how it affects the steering of the boat, be able to row the boat away from the dock, turn and then land safely back at the dock, and ability to turn the boat around quickly and row backwards.

Day 4: You will be able to demonstrate short slide rowing at various lengths with ease, to distinguish more power applied with the body and legs rather than with the arms only, demonstrate short slide rowing at various lengths with ease, and be able to control the boat at speed. 

Day 5 and Day 6 give us plenty of time to review all of these skills.

Depending how your skills develop and your physical literacy, we may give you some autonomy and have you take out a trainer double with another club member or member of your LTR group. We also have a hybrid shell that is halfway between a racing single and a trainer that, at the coaches discretion, we may send you out in.


After taking a 2 week Learn to Row, you have the following options available:

At the coaches discretion, you can directly join either the Juniors, Seniors or Masters groups as a full member (with credit applied). Or take a second Learn to Row or join the Novice Summer Program.


Our dryland Learn to Row program for beginners is once a week in 6 week sessions. Value $115. 


45 Minutes of coached rowing and 45 minutes of Yin Yoga. Next session runs in September.


60 Minutes of coached rowing and 15 minutes of core strengthening. Next session is September 2017. There are only 14 spots available in each of these so preregistration is required. To register, click register to the right!

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