Novice Summer Member

Our Novice Summer Membership is for those that have taken a Learn to Row and want to continue to row in a supported environment. This summer membership allows you to train in Coached and Mentored sessions 6 times each week on the following days, Monday and Fridays 6am, Tuesday to Thursday 5:45pm and Saturdays at 10am in summer. Once rowers have achieved a certain level of confidence and skill, they will be invited to join all other training sessions.

You will be rowing with others of the same ability and will, if you choose, be in a boat with an experienced bow person. The focus is just being on the water, gaining confidence, and improving on technique. In winter, should you wish to continue to training, an additional winter training fee will be applied.

The price is $425 but if you have taken a Learn to Row in the same season, it is reduced by the cost of that program.   You gain access to our summer coaching staff who provide their talent to you from a safety boat that is always on the water.

To register for our Novice Summer program, go to our REGISTER NOW.  

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